SQL Server Compressed Backup


Pipeline Reference

The command line utility is designed to pass the backup data through any number of plugins. Each plugin can compress the data, encrypt it, or in the case of the "rate" plugin, not make any changes at all as the data passes through it.

Each plugin starts with the name of the plugin, followed by its configuration in parenthesis. The configuration is in a "connection string" format: e.g. "name=value;name=value;"


For example, the zip64 plugin which is used to compress the data to a zip64 file can be written like:

"zip64(level=6;filename=my filename.bak;)"

The configuration will be split into:

filename=my filename.bak

Be sure to wrap the plugins in double quotes, otherwise spaces can confuse msbp.exe. If the example above were written without quotes the plugin information would be split into two arguments.

zip64(level=6;filename=my filename.bak;)

would be parsed as


and will confuse msbp.exe.

(New in version 1.2) If you need to specify a ";" in a parameter, then type two semicolons, ";;". For example:

"zip64(level=6;filename=my filename;;contains data.bak;)"

In this example, the filename parameter is "my filename;contains data.bak" That is ";;" is converted to ";".

Version 1.1 and older suffered from "\s" and "\p" being converted to ";" and "|". Unfortunately "\s" and "\p" were commonly used in paths. It it recommended to upgrade to version 1.2 or later.