SQL Server Compressed Backup


Bzip2 Plugin Reference

The Bzip2 plugin is used for compressing backups. The Bzip2 plugin is the slowest and produces the smallest file of the standard compression plugins provided with SQL Server Compressed Backup. Bzip2 goal is to optimize for decompression, which may not make it ideal for database backups since typically backups occurs many more times than restores. Although decompression is fast, compression is very slow. It is provided here since it produces the smallest files, though this plugin may be useful for log shipping to many servers.


levelNoThe compression level from 1 to 9 to use. 1 is the fastest, and 9 is the slowest. The default is 1. This option is ignored when restoring a database.


The example below compresses the data at level 3.

msbp.exe backup "db(database=model)" "bzip2(level=3)" "local(path=c:\model.bak.bz2)"