SQL Server Compressed Backup


Zip64 Plugin Reference

The Zip64 plugin is used for compressing to a zip file. The file format is not exactly the same as a zip file which is primarily a 32 bit archive with a 2 GB limitation. The zip64 archive format is a zip format using 64 bits, which should make it limitless for the near future. Z-zip is a great open source windows program that can read and write zip64 files, and many more types of compression formats as well. Of the standard plugins provided with SQL Server Compressed Backup such as gzip and bzip2, zip64 is good compromise between fast compression and small files. The level option affects the performance and compression ratio to a great degree, so it is worth trying different levels.


levelNoThe compression level from 1 to 9 to use. 1 is the fastest, and 9 is the slowest. The default is 7. This option is ignored when restoring a database.
filenameNoThe name of the file inside the zip archive. When writing, the default is "database.bak". When reading, the default is to use the "first" file inside the zip file. If there are multiple files inside the zip archive, it may be unclear which file will be used unless you specify this filename option.


The example below compresses the data at level 3 and a filename of model.bak.

msbp.exe backup "db(database=model)" "zip64(level=3;filename=model.bak)" "local(path=c:\model.bak.zip)"